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Bracke T26.b - Disc trencher
The Bracke T26.b is our most powerful disc trencher, able to handle the most troublesome terrain littered with stones and slash. The T26.b attaches to a large prime mover. Scarification with the T26.b gives plants and seeds the best possible start for growth and survival whatever the terrain.

The T26.a has an articulated design, making it versatile and easily maneuvered in the field. The trencher discs easily find their way around or over stumps and stones and have no difficulties reaching all areas. The hydraulics feature load-sensing valves that are connected to the prime mover. Thanks to its flexibility, the T26.b delivers good results on all types of site, but is a particularly good choice when terrain conditions vary considerably.

Continuous adjustment
The disc trencher's control system, Bracke Growth Control, offers continuous adjustment of all settings. The arms and discs can be set to different widths and angles and even the ground pressure and lifting pressure can be varied. All this is effortlessly controlled from the cab with a control lever and a display.
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