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Profitability starts at 18 %
Cost estimates show that the new M46.a four row mounder from Bracke Forest needs an 18 % productivity increase in comparison to the three row mounder M36.a in order to be profitable.

M46 cost sensitivity estimate

The productivity increase is due to the forth arm and the fewer turns resulting from the increased width of each traverse. But the operational costs are slightly higher, both for the prime mover as well as for the scarifier.

- The M46 mounts on exactly the same prime mover as the M36, it turns just as quickly and costs just as much to transport. As soon as the extra operational costs have been paid for, the remaining operation is pure profitability, says Bracke Forest sales man Dennis Eklund.

The theoretical productivity increase compared to the M36 is 33 % in the fourth arm, plus the time savings due to fewer turns. The real productivity of the M46 will be known after this season’s operations.
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