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Press release: Bracke Forest introduces multi-stem felling head
Bracke Forest presents a series of felling heads for cleaning and pre-commercial thinning which feature a unique and patented cutting solution.

The method enables a quick and rapid cut of all diameters, from shrubs and brush to young trees. The fields of application are all sorts of machine assisted forest cleaning; strip clearing, pre-commercial thinning, roadside and power line clearing. The cut is made by a patented self tensioning chain system on a circular blade. The units can handle diameters ranging from 1 to 27 cm.

Two products are introduced, the Bracke C12.a Felling head and the Bracke C16.a Accumulating felling head. The C12.a is a light weight unit for all sizes of base machines. The C16.a has arms for accumulating stems and creates piles for further transportation to biomass plants.

The felling heads will be exhibited at the World Bioenergy 2006 fair in Jönköping, Sweden; at SkogsNolia in Umeå, Sweden and at Euroforest in France.
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