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Bracke C16.c
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Bracke Forest C16.c - Silviculture and biomass head
The Bracke C16.c is an accumulating felling head for silviculture and bioenergy. The head has a high accumulating capacity and a unique, patented cutting solution that produces extremely rapid cutting.

The Bracke C16.c combines highly efficient clearing with the ability to make use of valuable assortments such as biomass. As a result, the head is suited for all types of mechanised felling, such as corridor clearing, pre-commercial & first thinnings, thinning & clearing along roadsides, field edges and power lines. The Bracke C16.c can be installed on harvesters, forwarders and other machines equipped with a crane. The Bracke C16.c is versatile with a smooth exterior and rounded corners, which makes it easy to manoeuvre without damaging the remaining trees.

The cutting solution comprises a circular saw disc on which a ¾” saw chain is installed. The design of the disc means that the chain is always taut when working. The head has an open saw box that allows easy maintenance. It also uses the same type of hydraulic cylinders for accumulation and the grapple, which means fewer spare parts.
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