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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
A long journey of fairs comes to an end!
Bracke Forest at Forexpo in France!
New Bracke P11.a Planter to Scotland!
Bracke Forest at Euroforest in France!
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Crane company Cranab mobilises in major structural deal
Bracke C16.c demonstrated in France
Bracke Forest at Elmia Wood!
Thanks to all of you who visited our stand during Elmia Wood!
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T26 twin – le premier scarificateur à quatre rangées du monde !
Bracke Forest at Euroforest in France!
France own ”Elmia Wood” took place on the 19th – 21st June north of Lyon. It was a crowded event and a pure Klondike for everyone with interest in bioenergy. 

Last time this event took place, in 2010, the organization struggled an uneven fight against heavy rain all thru the week which caused a minor disaster. This time the weather was the best and the forestry people could enjoy some very nice days in the forest.  

- This is my first time on this fair, says Per Jonsson, export manager at Bracke Forest. Both myself, and everybody I´ve talked to, are struck by the fact that bioenergy-related machines are so dominating at the fair. It makes our felling head, Bracke C16.c, fit right in at the show.  

As good as all the major machine manufacturers were present at the fair, but, as mentioned above, chippers and other equipment for bioenergy were dominating the show. It was easy to get the impression that France could be the next big market for suppliers to the bioenergy business. 
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