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New Bracke P11.a Planter to Scotland!
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New Bracke P11.a Planter to Scotland!
Scotland is where most of the Bracke Planters has been sold in Great Britain, and now it´s time for the next one as Christie Elite Nurseries, thru their subsidiaries Dulnain Plant, has ordered their second Bracke P11.a Planter.

Dulnain Plant purchased their first Bracke P11.a many years ago and now, as Christie Elite bought the company, they will need a second one to be able to handle all requests for planting that they are receiving.

According to calculations made by Christe Elite Nurseries the cost for hand planting is £ 0,70 per plant incl. mounding, planting, cell grown plant and fertilizer. With the Bracke Planter the cost for the same will be £ 0, 57 per plant.

A saving of £ 0, 13 per tree or £ 325 per ha (by 2 500 plants/ha) when using the Bracke. It should be convincing… Shouldn´t it?
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