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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Bracke P12 – a new planter from Bracke Forest!
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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The Bracke P12 – a new planter from Bracke Forest!
The Bracke P11 planter has been in production since the early 1990s. The basic principle - to elevate and plant on inverted humus - has been the same all the time. However, the new Bracke P12 is designed for planting in dry, warm conditions where one may need to think a little differently.

The inverted humus principle has been a Bracke Forest hallmark throughout its journey with mechanisation of forest planting and regeneration. Whether using a mounder, such as Bracke's first scarifier or disc-trencher, which is a later idea, the principle has always been that the plant should be placed in the exposed mineral soil on top of the inverted humus with the plant roots reaching down in the humus layer. 

No rule is without exceptions though. When foresters in Brazil came across mechanised planting, and the Bracke P11, they challenged the principle. In Brazilian eucalyptus plantations, you would definitely not plant a seedling on top of a mound. Instead it is the opposite, the seedling is planted in the indentation instead so that water runs towards the seedling rather than away from it. Hence the Bracke P12 was born.

Just as with the P11, you can scarify with the P12. A sub-soiler can be mounted on the unit with which a lower planting point can be made. Loosening the earth in advance with a so-called ripper is a more efficient approach.

New high capacity plant magazine increases productivity 
During the process of developing the P12, a new plant magazine was also developed with a higher seedling capacity. Instead of the 62, 72 or 88 seedlings that the old magazine could be loaded with, the new one can take up to 196 seedlings enabling a significant increase in production. The Bracke P11 can also be fitted with the new magazine.

Irrigation and fertilization
The P12 has been especially developed for planting in conditions with long dry periods. With that in mind, the P12 has, as options, built in irrigation and fertilizer systems to ensure that the seedling gets off to the best possible start as it is planted. These two newly developed functions can also be fitted as an extra option on the P11.

Launches at Elmia Wood 2017
At our stand, no. 802, you will see the Bracke P12, with the new plant magazine, during the fair days. It will be a premier not only for Bracke P12 and the new magazine, but also for a new mounder, Bracke M24 and a new disc-trencher, Bracke T28, which is also equipped with a new type of discs.

Stand 802

Contact Bracke Forest AB, Klas-Håkan Ljungberg 
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