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Bracke T28.a - Two-row disc trencher
The Bracke T28.a is a robust, flexible disc trencher that can tilt the discs to lay the humus in the same direction, left or right or facing toward or away from each other. The Bracke T28.a can handle the harshest terrain conditions with a lot of rocks and slash. Scarification with the Bracke T28.a provides many planting spots for plants and seeds regardless of terrain type. It is mounted on medium-sized or large prime movers.  

New discs, Bracke TD10.b
The new discs are designed to provide better scarification quality, better economy and easier wear part replacement than previous versions. The discs are symmetrical, which means they can lay humus in both directions. The new toothed plates lay more soil on the humus and allow more top-quality planting spots to be achieved. The bolt-on toothed plates have a long service life are simple and safe to replace. 

The Bracke T28.a is designed with low traction points on its arms so that its action on the ground is even regardless of soil variations. In case of overload, lateral arm movements are permitted and the disc can be rotated around its vertical axis. The disc motor housing is turned by hydraulic motor via a worm gear. A sensor detects motor housing position and makes sure the disc maintains its angle. The Bracke T28.a can be equipped with central lubrication. 

Machine control
The Bracke T28.a has its own control system, which makes it easy to install on different prime movers. The display makes the system very user friendly. It is easy for the operator to keep track of the trenchers functions. The sensor provides information, e.g. the prime mover’s incline, disc angle and arm position. The control system can regulate disc angle automatically depending on incline, or the angle can be set manually. The Bracke T28.a has eight programmable operating profiles. The control system keeps track of driven distance per site and in total, and the number of hours worked. The Bracke T28.a can operate continuously or intermittently.

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